Who We Are:
Healing Hands Therapeutic Massage, Health and Wellness

Let me introduce my self:
I have many years experience as a nurse in acute care hospitals, long term care facilities, clinics and physicians office. I have an Associates of Occupational Studies Degree from Heritage College in Kansas City, Missouri, and a Bachelor Degree in Natural Health Studies from Clayton College of Natural Health, Birmingham, AL. I am also a Reiki Master - Teacher.

My vision is to provide services which promote balancing health and well being, incorporating quality of service and value.

I offer specific massage therapies, and natural health consultations. These practices alter negative displays of imbalance to positive results. I view health as a process of internal and external balance.

My specialities include Natural Health Consultations, Reiki (energy work), Medical massage, Cranisacral Therpy and Herbal body Wraps.

Lic #2005030913